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Giving Back

Dedicated Believers Ministries actively supports the community through various Outreach Programs. To get involved in any of our programs, or even to start a new one, please contact us today. Interested in donating to one of our Outreach Programs? Please click the links below.

Helping, Encouraging, and Lifting People.”

The H.E.L.P. Center offers free personal hygiene and household items, as well as vital resources to needy children, impoverished individuals, struggling families, and to the poor.Items such as: clean water filters, diapers, food, textbooks, underclothes, winter clothing, etc.

In 2021, we received #StartSmall funds that were used for: COVID-19 Relief; Diaper Fund (and Personal Hygiene Items); Emergency/Financial Assistance; and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).


Together with Good360, Dedicated Believers Ministries distributed necessary products to over 200 families and their children as well as hundreds of individuals. Some of the products distributed included Burt’s Bees baby lotions and diaper creams, Philips sippy cups, and Walmart sheets and pillow cases. Due to loss of jobs, a declining socioeconomic status, and limited fixed incomes these families do not have access to the basic resources that they need in life. That’s why donations like these are so important!

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art education outreach
Our Summer Arts Camp

This program reaches people in the community beyond the church into the heart of Flint, MI and its surrounding Genesee County.

The Summer Arts Camp introduces K-12 students and adults to African-American arts and culture, and encourages participants to become creative, critical-thinkers, dreamers, innovators; it improves their ability to imagine, and strengthens self-esteem, self-identity, and self-worth. Children’s universal themes, such as: creative expression, cultural diversity, determination, overcoming struggle, public speaking, reading comprehension, and much more.

We educate, encourage, and engage diverse groups from all walks of life using African-American art, artists, history, and subject matter.

Students read children’s literature books about the artists; they watch and listen to DVDs of documentaries and interviews of the artists; the children view museum-quality artworks (visual arts) and inspect different eras, mediums, styles, etc.; and a college-level instructor leads the youths in creative expression and “hands-on” activities using art supplied to the participants. All costs are typically free and at no cost to the children and their families. (We work hard to secure funds via grants, so the students can attend with no fee. We are so grateful to the various businesses, corporations, donors, entities, foundations, funders, givers, partners, philanthropists, supporters, and volunteers that undergird what we’re doing to make a difference in the lives of others!)

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Dedicated Believers Ministries operates based on the following financial resources: tithes and offerings; charitable contributions and donations; grants and public support.

Dedicated Believers Ministries is an Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, and a public charity according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Donations are tax-deductible and our organization is exempt from Federal income tax per the IRC Section mentioned above.


View a copy of our organization’s official IRS Determination Letter, which was dated November 6, 2014.

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