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How you can donate and help OUR Church and COMMUNITY.

Community Support


Dedicated Believers Ministries (DBM) has been blessed to give generously to the Flint and Genesee County community via The H.E.L.P. Center. (The acronym stands for: Helping, Encouraging, and Lifting People.) In Years 2021 and 2022 (during the current COVID pandemic), DBM was blessed to bring practical resources meeting the needs in 1,003 cases (persons including their respective households) to the local community. In 2021, DBM was blessed to receive funding of $150,000 (courtesy of Mr. Jack Dorsey and his #StartSmall staff) in support of The H.E.L.P. Center. This supernatural blessing significantly boosted our ability to bring relevant resources to the congregation, as well as the Greater Flint area surrounding community! We continue to be blown away by this extraordinary gift and overwhelming answer to prayer!

  • COVID Recovery & Relief

  • Emergency & Financial Assistance / Urgent Needs

  • Car Repairs, Medical Bills, Utility Bills

  • Personal Hygiene (Diapers, Hand Sanitizer)

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Industrial Cleaning Agents, Materials & Spray

  • Masks (Cloth, Cotton, KN-95/N-95) and Protective Gloves

During the height of the Flint Water Crisis, DBM partnered with various corporate donors, private foundations, funders, and supporters to provide the following items to adults, children, seniors; impoverished individuals; poor persons; and struggling families in our local community.

  • Church Resources: Bibles; Books, Materials & Resources on topics, such as: emotional, mental, and financial well-being; marriage; spiritual development; etc.)

  • Clothing and Household Items

  • Communion Supplies

  • Product Donations (New)

  • School Backpacks and Supplies

  • Summer Arts Camp (offered FREE to hundreds of youth in Grades K-12)

  • Water Filters

  • Cube Truck

Ways to Donate to our Church



Attend a Sunday service and we kindly welcome cash or check donations. Our new church address is:
Dedicated Believers Ministries
4242 Marianne Drive
Flushing, MI 48433


Send a check along with your email address to our Corporate mailing address:

Dedicated Believers Ministries
1509 Woodslea Drive
Flint, MI 48507-1846


Secure online payments to our non-profit organization.

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your time

Contact us to learn about DBM Volunteer Opportunities in the Flint area.

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Donate Now

Annual Harvest Fund

Once a year for one month, we ask the community to support our Annual Harvest Fund. It's an opportunity for our radio listeners, congregation, and the general public to give over-and-above their typical tithes and offering contributions and donations. Monies donated to DBM for the Harvest Fund are sacrificial gifts, which are used to help DBM acquire capital assets, such as our own church building, equipment, vehicles, property, real estate, investment securities, etc. 

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